Freeze Dried Candy Preorder

Use this form below to place a preorder for freeze dried candy. (Most freeze dried candy will be ready the next day!) Put your name, email, phone number, what candy you would like and how many bags of each. I will email you the invoice to pay online or you can pay at pickup. I will also email you with your pickup date!

Pickup is at

Mad Batter Confections & Cones

149 N Main St.

Suffolk, VA 23434

(252) 506-1956







Candy List


Wild Berry Skittles

Sour Skittles

Tropical Skittles

Fruit Roll Ups Tie Dye

Fruit Roll Ups Strawberry

Fruit Rolls Ups Mixed Flavors

Fruit Roll Ups Jolly Rancher Green Apple

Fruit Roll Ups Jolly Rancher Watermelon

Fruit Roll Ups Jolly Rancher Mixed Flavors

Fruit Rolls Ups Mystery Flavor

Fruit Roll Ups Solar Melon Flavor

Fruit Roll Up Star Berry

Fruit Roll Ups Blue Raspberry

Fruit Roll Ups Mega Flavor Mixup

Jolly Ranchers Originals

Jolly Ranchers Tropical

Candy Burritos (Fruit Rolls ups with cotton candy)

Candy Sushi (Fruit roll ups with cotton candy and freeze dried skittles)

Starburst Originals

Starburst Favereds

Starburst All Pink

Hi Chews ( Mixed Fruit)

Hi Chews ( Fantasy Mix: Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaiian, Blue Raspberry)


Airhead Bites

Chewy Sprees

Chewy Sweetarts


Red Hots

Charleston Chew

Salt Water Taffy

Gummy Nerd Clusters

Gummy Sharks

Junior Mints

Milk Duds



Milky Way

3 Musketeers

Bit O Honey

Caramel Apple Pop Bites

Caramel M&M's

Sugar Babies

Laffy Taffy

Tootsie Rolls Chocolate

Tootsie Rolls Fruit Chews

Werthers Soft Caramels

Mamba Chews

Fruit Marshmallows

Mini Regular Marshmallows

Now And Laters


Rice Krispy Treats

Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies

Warhead Sour Taffy


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